The Explorer an arts practice

Created the Explorer character as a way of responding to the contemporary world using artworks.

This practice is centred around the use of a fabricated character, using Acrylic paint and Digital editing created this fabricated character (or alter ego of sorts). This character is embellished (has a faux-provenance created about him etc a Biography and a series of possessions, these displayed in a museum style way) the idea is to lend credibility and authority to his comments/Artworks.

This character originated at the beginning of my university course - he was initially intentioned as a joke, though more and more it came to reflect both my place within the world and my 'exploration' of the Fine Art world. So the character you see here was born! He is used to view the world in a skewed and unique way, his responses and comments inform the creation of Artworks.

This picture was concerned with the idea of technological alienation and isolation.

The purpose of the Explorer character:

To view the world through the eyes of a character who thus creates artworks. As a reflection of myself he is a way of responding to the contemporary world using artworks.

The Explorer. Artist & design

These are some photographs from the degree show at Staffordshire university, they are objects/artefacts which when displayed create a faux-provenance for the character